Move-me-nt bracelet #1


Steampunk bracelet, 26mm lodge  diameter, 62mm wrist size, adjustible  +-30%.

This bracelet features antique discarded watch movement situated in a burnished bronze bracelet frame. Great as a casual way to express your steampunk lifestyle in everyday clothing, or to gently round out your airship captain attire.

This bracelet is a tribute to all watchmakers as i believe their work shall be displayed even after the watch is discarded or damaged. With accesorries made with whole movements, i cannot give the promise of never making the same piece again, sincee the movements have been replicated many times, and might be seen more than once in my creations . Red/purple dots are the original watch jewel bearings made from either ruby, sapphire, garnet or other gemstones.

The bracelet comes packaged in a eco-friendly custom paper case made of recycled cardboard.

All watch parts used are either spare parts or from repairs. No watches were harmed creating my products.

Can cause space-time fragmentation or universal implosion (mostly unlikely.) Does not affect other powered navigation systems.

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Resin coated watchparts set in bronze bracelet. Adjustible size.

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Weight 15 g
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 cm