About us

We are a small, family driven workshop. Some of us are obsessed with steampunk, some with glass-work, and some generally with crafting. We would like to share our passion through this website. For me it all started with Jules Verne’s books and ended with studying mechanical engineering and repairing mechanical watches, using the broken parts in jewelry, flash drives, and other accessories.

My family helped me a lot with the fine-tuning my products and the whole creative process itself. Either directly with crafting or trough support and understanding. I’am a very lucky son.

I should point out that no vintage watch movements were destroyed for the creation of my products. I only use spare parts or parts that are too damaged to use in any other way. For the pieces where the whole movement is present I use either hardly repairable movements or ones that are still in production.

I hope you’ll love the creations and I hope they give you the same nostalgic feeling that they give me.