Pendant “Synthea” #1


Steampunk pendant, 40mm big.

Silver coloured lodge enclosing variety of antique watch parts protected by a crystal resin coating. Great as a casual way to express your steampunk lifestyle in everyday clothing or to gently round out your airship captain attire.

The pendant consist of mostly gears, cogs and sometimes other watch parts manually arranged to make a stunning piece. Each pendant is absolutely unique and will never be reproduced in the same way. Red/purple dots are the original watch jewel bearings made from either ruby, sapphire, garnet or other gemstones.

The pendant comes packaged in a eco-friendly custom paper case made of recycled cardboard.

All watch parts used are either spare parts or from repairs. No watches were harmed creating my products.

Can cause space-time fragmentation or universal implosion (mostly unlikely.) Does not affect aether powered navigation systems.

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Steampunk silver plated pendant made from watchparts and rubies.

Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 cm